SARG Membership Application

To join SARG, please print out this page and complete the included form(s) and return them with payment to any SARG officer.

Name, NAR and/or TRA #, Certification Level: (e.g. - Johnny Rocket, NAR 123456, L2)
Application Type:
New Member Existing Member Renewal
Membership Type:
Standard (1 Adult, 1 Child) Family (Entire Family) Junior (<18 Years)
Mailing Address: (Street, City, State, and Zip Code)
Email Address: (Email is the club’s primary method of communication to members.)
Phone Number: (For Emergency Use)
Family/Child Member Names: (List the additional persons to be covered under this membership.)

Membership Information

Please return this completed form and payment to any SARG officer.

I, and all family members, have read and understand the NAR Safety Code, SARG Club Rules and Bylaws, and will abide by all provisions:

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _____________


In order to ensure that club business can be conducted in an effective and timely manner, SARG Club Members with voting status agree to assign their proxy to the SARG Club Officers in the event that they are not in attendance at a club meeting at which an official vote is to be held.

Complete the form below if you choose to revoke your proxy from the SARG Club Officers and reassign your proxy to another eligible SARG Club Member

Revocation and Reassignment of Proxy

Name of Member with Voting Status
Effective Date of Revocation and Reassignment of Proxy
End Date of Revocation and Reassignment of Proxy: (Not more than 30 days from effective date)
Name of Eligible Club Member to Whom Proxy is Assigned:
I hereby revoke my proxy from the SARG club officers and reassign my proxy to the eligible club member listed above for the period listed above:

Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _____________